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Elite Capitals is pleased to offer Bitcoin, the fastest growing and most volatile cryptocurrency of the decade.

Unlike other asset classes (FX, Equities, Commodities, etc.), the Bitcoin market is dominated by retail speculators. Trade in a market where there is no central bank intervention, interbank dealers controlling order flow or giant pension funds moving prices.

Price movements on Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are driven primarily by news and prevailing sentiment, i.e. the fear and greed of retail speculators. These sometimes dramatic shifts can lead to massive intraday price swings, making Cryptocurrency an exciting product for aggressive and experienced day traders.

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Advantages of trading Bitcoins with Elite Capitals


  • Regulated by ASIC
  • Instant cash settlement of trades in your account currency
  • Go long and short for increased opportunities
  • 1:5 Leverage


Spreadsfrom 15.0
Stop Level0 (No minimum Order Distance)
Contract Size1
Minimum Lot Size0.01 Lot (MT4 Volume 0.01 )
Maximum Lot Size10 Lot (MT4 Volume 10.0)
Minimum Step0.01 lot (MT4 Volume 0.01)
Margin Hedge0
Hedging AllowedYes
Scalping AllowedYes
Min Leverage1:1
Max Leverage1:5
Margin Call100%
Stop Out Limit50%
Pending orders are good till CancelledYes


Bitcoin Trading Hours

Elite Capitals Trading Hours Page provides further information regarding the Trade timings of our Crypto currencies.


What Makes Trading Bitcoin with Elite Capitals Unique?

True ECN Connectivity

A diverse liquidity mix comprising of up to 50 different liquidity providers ranging from investments banks, hedge funds, and dark pool sources, ensures institutional grade pricing is available to all clients. Elite Capitals True ECN Connectivity allows traders to trade on Executable Streaming Prices without dealing desk intervention, requotes, or price manipulation of any sort.

Contract Specification Sheet

Elite Capitals Contract Specification Sheet provides further information regarding Bitcoin and other Crypto Currencies on offer.

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